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I've been FARKED and MORE

To my most recent post on SparkPlugged, "5 cool Japanese band names" made it to the main pages of the mega site FARK. The link is specifically listed on the Fark Music section or Fark on Blender to be specific.

I'm really proud that my site was FARKED and it didn't crash! A good FARKING often leads to the maxxing out of bandwidth...luckily for me, my host rocks (Todd) and I have a good surplus of bandwidth. ^_^

Tomorrow I WILL ACTUALLY GO TO DENVER. I'm going with some friends to a Denver Nuggets game. Some guy bought tickets and my good friend was invited so I'll go to. YAY!

Anyways...that's it for now I guess. I've been listening to a lot of RADWIMPS lately so I'm usually been pretty pumped up recently. haha

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