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Avatar DVDs, sketches, and a busy week

I haven't posted here in over a week. Why? I've been quite busy. Everytime I consider a good time to write an entry here, it's late night and I decide to go to bed instead. Oh well. Not much has happened in the past week except for me being very busy...I'll just sum up last week like that. ~_~

After nearly a year's hiatus, I've officially decided to re-take-up drawing. AP Art class my senior year of high school officially burned me out on the whole process. I've finally recovered and am happy to know that I haven't lost my skill. I 2-days ago and yesterday I sketched some drawings:

A sketch of a random guy in a nice shirt and tie holding a sword and sheath behind his back.

A sketch of a samurai that I did.


Yesterday, I bought 'The Complete Book 1 Collection' of the show, Avatar: The Last Airbender. I love this show! Elemental powers set in a Asian-esque world, I love it. The show is very deep and involving and it has since consumed a lot of my thoughts.

One of my favorite shows.


In other fun happenings:

Recreation: On Sunday night, 2 neigbors, Andrew, Michael, and I watched Kill Bill on the big screen TV in the Hill Hall Lobby. Today we took my PS2 down there and had ourselves a bit of a Soul Calibur 3 tournament.

Academics: I have 3 tests on Friday. OUCH!...Political Science, Physical Geography, and Intro to Archaeology. I'm not too worried about the Political Science one but the other two may be a bit tough.

Other: All this week, some Tibetan Buddhist Monks are here at the university. Most of the week, they've been working on Mandala Sand Paintings...WOW! It takes 3-5 days to complete a Mandala and then they dismantle the sand and distribute it as healing/blessing. It's an incredible work of art. On Friday night they will perform chants and ceremonies.

Internet: I posted my latest piece for JaME...a 'short and sweet' review of Art-School's Missing.
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