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5 years ago...

Today marks the 5-year anniversary of the most horrible tragedy to happen on American soil, September 11th. Since it happened (I was a freshman in high-school, I remember that day all too well) I've tried to distance myself from the event because it's so sad, so uncomprehendable.

My friend, Da Hye showed me a music video by Korean R&B singer Jo Sung Mo. It's titled "If You were Mine". The video tells the events of September, 11th 2001 through a tragic love story. I'll let you watch it for yourself but it is truly the saddest and just about the most touching 6-minute music video I've ever seen. Nothing has ever made me nearly cry so quicky. ;_; Since the video is about specific people, it really humanizes the tragedy.

Nation marks fifth anniversary of 9-11

entertainment note: the girl in the video is Lim Eun-Kyeong who played Min-hee in
Conduct Zero

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