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The Mass Missile rocks and so do you!

I recently downloaded The Mass Missile's new album, "Moyori no Yume" (ザ・マスミサイル - 「最寄りの夢」). I LOVE IT! For quite some time now, The Mass Missile have been one of my TOP 10 favorite Japanese bands. With this release, they're now secured within my ELITE TOP 5.

"Moyori no Yume" is a great album. While it's not as instrumentally unique as their previous "Ningen de Yokatta", it's melodic gold in my opinion. My favorite tracks on the release include "Ima", "Moyori no Yume", and "Tegami". The Mass Missile stays consistent throughout this album. The distinguishable vocal melodies, organ, piano, and harmonica blend well together to maintain that trademark Mass Missile energetic folky/blues-influenced rock. I actually don't know how to classify it, I LOVE IT!

Here is the PV for their single "Ima". The cinematography is cool and the song ROCKS!

I like the harmonies created when the whole band sings and how they're trapped inside Mac screens. =P

Also, it's evident that I have a new icon...I give you Peco (Yousuke Kubozuka) from the movie Ping Pong.
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