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R.I.P Mate

I, like everyone else have known of Steve Irwin's passing for a couple days now. I didn't feel any need to write about it until now though.
I loved The Croc Hunter though I didn't always watch his shows, I did tune in every now-and-then. I used to especially enjoy watching him on his appearences with Jay Leno and Larry King. His antics were wild but always well-minded. He educated us all and was a great friend to animals in his environmentalism and conservation work.

My main reason for writing this today is out of disgust for others' statements. Much of the media coverage has been very fair and compassionate. But there have been a few insensitive and stupid comments...that's only expected I guess. Talk-show host Glenn Beck enraged me most. He ridiculed Steve Irwin's antics and 'style'. He wasn't excessivly rude, just not well-intentioned. He went on to ridicule the rest of the media for saying statements such as "he would wanted to die this way", etc. Beck mocked Irwin by imitating an Australian accent and by basically saying "I'm swimming with stingrays...geez, I'd sure like to die right now". What an ass! Steve Irwin and his cause are greater than Beck will ever be...I find comfort in that at least.

It's accurate to say that Steve Irwin died doing what he loved and his legacy will live on along with his conservation work.

He did what he loved all while entertaining and educating us...Thank you Steve Irwin, thank you.

R.I.P. Steve Irwin
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