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This 3-day weekend is going good so far...yesterday was the football game and today is funday I guess.


The football game. Wyoming ended up beating Utah State 38-7! ^_^ I left at halftime though since it was a very hot day and for some dumb reason, I forgot my sunglasses. hehe. When I left at halftime, WYO was up 10-7, so obviously the 2nd half went good for us.

In other football news...I was so HAPPY yesterday. Montana State (Division 1-AA) beat the University of Colorado (Division 1-A). This is a HUGE upset and I'm incredibly HAPPY! Naturally, I like MSU and for many reasons, loath CU when it comes to sports. It's even better since when a Denver news channel interviewed a star CU player, he didn't even know who they were playing or who Montana State was...! ^_^ (Please don't think that I'm a big football fan =P)


Anyways, last night I traded DVDs with one of my neighbors. I gave him Battle Royale and he game me ARMY OF DARKNESS. ARMY OF DARKNESS is the 1992 sequel to cult-hit EVIL DEAD. While watching late last night, I was thinking "Why didn't I see this movie 10 years ago...I love it!". It's a great action/horror/comedy, very funny.

Music Rambling

I recently got my hands on Japanese hip-hop trio Soul'd Out's latest release "Remixies & Outside". It's a nice remix CD taking tracks mostly from their "Alive" LP. I'm most excited by thier cover of the famous song "La La La Love Song". I love Toshinobu Kubota's version (I'm not sure if that's the original)! Toshinobu Kubota is a GREAT R&B legend. Speaking of J-R&B, my new theme is Hirai Ken jumping over a rainbow ("Bye My Melody" single cover image).

Good Luck Teruyo

Soon is Teruyo's final exam! CONGRATULATIONS & GOOD LUCK! The funny thing is is that I've just started school again and after this exam, she'll be on her 'summer break' equivilent. Yeah, she worked HARD and took exams ALL summer but now she gets a break...LUCKY! It's very well-deserved! ^_^
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