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So, it's Friday night and I've since concluded my 1st academic week at college. This Labor Day weekend results in a 3-day weekend for all of us. Tomorrow I will probably go to the University of Wyoming's home football opener against Utah State (o.O). I can see the large football stadium from my dorm room...3 football fields away maybe.

My classes have gone well thus far. After a mid-week jumble of adding/dropping, I'm set. I now have Intro to Mass Media...yay. My professors all seem very good. I'm satisfied and feel like many of them are very provocative and well-rounded.

Today, in my Introduction to Archaeology I discovered that my professor attended Montana State University. WOW! i learnt this when he was lecturing on culture and talked about the variations in modern America. He asked something like if "Griz Country" meant anything to anyone. I raised my hand and replied "yes" since I attended Montana State, whose biggest rivals are University of Montana Grizzlies. Being a Montana State alumn, he quickly expressed his displeasure for the Grizzlies and explained the Montana in-state rivalry.

Now, onto a completly unrelated topic...RUSSIAN HIP-HOP.

I purchased the soundtrack to the AMAZING Russian movie, Day Watch online. After listening to it I researched a featured artist on the OST, a Belarusian rapper named Seryoga (Серёга). I then quickly got my hands on his cd! I love it! Apparently not only does he write his own lyrics but he writes all the accompanying music. His music finds itself somewhere between modern hip-hop and traditional Russian folk. GREATNESS IMO!

The music video for Seryoga's break-out single Cherny Bumer (чёрный бумер) Enjoy:

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