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WOW! First Day

Well, Monday August 28th was my first day of classes here at my new University. It was a good day. Seemingly good classes combined with some people that I've met really make for an appealing time here. I must say, I'm excited, optimistic, and happy. (^_^ <--see?)

I had 2 classes today...CORE classes: Introduction to Physical Geography & Introduction to Archeology. While both aren't exactly my 'things', they're appealing subjects. The course structures are cool too. Both classes have finals that are set-up well. One is not cumulative and the other works as an optional grade-booster...COOL by my standards!

I've been here not much more than a weekend+ and I've already met some cool people. Most of them reside on my floor. I've met some cool guys. Among them, 2 guys who've served in the Army, 1 who actually went to Afghanistan, I met a guy whose in lawschool, and some others. I've also met some cool girls. I met an exchange student from Denmark and a Korean girl whose on exchange from a Japanese University in Fukuoka. Her name is Min, we traded some music today. I'm excited to have a bunch of songs by Korean R&B singer Wheesung (휘성)...I like Wheesung. I found out about him because m-flo did a song with him, "I'm da 1".

So ya, ALL IS FANTASTIQUE! I love talking with Teruyo everyday (and night it seems ^_^). As her exams wind-down, our future seems more certain and that makes he so happy! 元気ですよ。
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