mr. SHAY (jambot) wrote,
mr. SHAY

I am here. Where are you?


Well, I'm now here at college, the University of Wyoming. I'm pretty well settled into my room thanks to much help from my parents. I still need to tidy up a bit though =P. I'm excited to be here but still a bit nervous...I know that'll subside once classes start on Monday. I miss the familarity of my previous college and my friends there but I know that this year will be just as good, AND much better academically.

I really wanna do good in school. I tell myself this not just for the current enjoyment of my experience but also for my future life. I know that success now will lead to success in the future and the fulfillment of my goals. I'm always optimistic so thinking like this is no problem =).

I miss my family, friends, and Teruyo very much. With my success in college, missing the people I care about will not go away but it will be turned into a much more positive energy once I can be satisfied with my current situation.


My dorm room. My dorm room is's bigger than my last room in Montana AND it's still a single room (just me ^_^). This year, I have my new HP PC and I also brought my Casio Keyboard among other things. I didn't bring as much junk but am still a bit suprised at how much stuff I have (o_O). My room was clean last year but hopefully, It'll be even cleaner this year...I will make sure of this. Expect pictures (a panorama possibly) as soon as I tidy things up and place items to perfection. I also plan on taking photos of my dorm hall, the WYO campus, and Laramie. Classes start Monday and tomorrow (Sunday) will be my primary day of preperation.

Ultimately I'm excited. This is a new beginning for me here at this university.

Now I know the feeling of nervousness and anxiety that Teruyo has been facing with her exams. I've always entirely respected her but now even more so. WOW! I really appreciate the support from my family, friends, and her! THANKS ALL!
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