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mr. SHAY

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[20 Jan 2007|02:17am]
Hi, so like I haven't written here lately...

...if you wanna see what's up, just check out SparkPlugged. Thanks
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where o where [13 Dec 2006|11:18pm]
...I've been busy. >.> ...finals >.<

I've decided to focus my personal blogging efforts for the time over at mixi. This way I can practice my Japanese (aka write in a bad combination of Japanese and English for me :P)...practice makes perfect.

If you're on mixi, here's my profile. If you wanna join just let me know and I might send you an invite.

Rock on and I'll bbk sometime or another. \m/
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I've been FARKED and MORE [17 Nov 2006|05:34pm]
[ mood | productive ]

To my delight...my most recent post on SparkPlugged, "5 cool Japanese band names" made it to the main pages of the mega site FARK. The link is specifically listed on the Fark Music section or Fark on Blender to be specific.

I'm really proud that my site was FARKED and it didn't crash! A good FARKING often leads to the maxxing out of bandwidth...luckily for me, my host rocks (Todd) and I have a good surplus of bandwidth. ^_^

Tomorrow I WILL ACTUALLY GO TO DENVER. I'm going with some friends to a Denver Nuggets game. Some guy bought tickets and my good friend was invited so I'll go to. YAY!

Anyways...that's it for now I guess. I've been listening to a lot of RADWIMPS lately so I'm usually been pretty pumped up recently. haha


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My 1st Podcast!? [15 Nov 2006|01:58am]
Yeah, so on my site SparkPlugged, I posted my 1st ever attempt at podcasting. I'm a beginner and still novice (keep that in mind, lol) but I'll get better with time I know ^_^.

I let my buddy Jack Hsu (of Hsu-nami) know that I included his band in the podcast and he was happy. He was telling a lot of people so that make ME happy...hehe.

SparkPlugged Podcast Episode 1

Each podcast is gunna have a different title image...today's image is a random photo that I took out of my window today...it was cold and snowing...fitting for November I guess. ^_^
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Shay's J-Music collection [04 Nov 2006|08:26pm]
[ mood | proud ]

ABOUT jam.bot's 音楽のコレクション

/// i cannot keep up,  this page is no longer being updated. sorry \\\

This is the ever-growing list of the full albums/singles/ep's from Japanese musicians that I own. I own many more mp3s but they're not from complete releases...all of the titles listed below are complete ^_^.

I'll update as frequently as possible =P
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Fun with Camera...oh god [02 Nov 2006|10:34pm]
[ mood | 元気 ]

I was bored sitting around waiting/getting ready to go to my Physical Geography lab this afternoon so I found something to waste my time with....photos...of myself.

Intentionally silly, I had a good time while a screwed around. I remember those sad days of my past when I'd do this 'seriously' for my faggy MySpace page. Well, those days are over so what better way to show it then with mockery. (For kicks, I had to post 'em to my MySpace, haha).

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WOW WOW what? [14 Oct 2006|07:13pm]
[ mood | content ]

A week in review:

  • I FINALLY BOUGHT A WEBCAM! It's great fun to talk to Teruyo that way.
  • I've continued to update SparkPlugged and I am finding personal success once again, yay.
  • I've been playing a lot of World of Warcraft, such fun. 3 other guys on my floor play it so we always 'quest' together and have fun like that.
  • I've been trying to do my absolute best with schoolwork. I've had the 'I MUST DO GOOD' realization once again. This is good since it occured before I've screwed up. :P
  • I got one of my neighbors, a law school student who likes Brit Rock into Art-School, one of my favorite Japanese indie bands! ^_^
  • It's about time and I bought Outkast's newest release, "Idlewild". I'm enjoying it for sure.
Busy weeks suck. Thankfully, this past week was merely an eventful week rather than a busy week. \m/^_^
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SparkPlugged returns [07 Oct 2006|01:50pm]
[ mood | excited ]

It's official I guess...I've decided to bring SparkPlugged back from 'hiatus'. I'm really excited about it!

Initially, I stopped updating SparkPlugged when I started this year of college. I was busy and didn't have time to do much web-related stuff. Well, I'm still just, actually busier but I figure that I need something to balance myself out. I need a thing like...a website, SparkPlugged.

With the site's revamp, I made a new layout (including a header that's influenced by the one people used to like) and hope to optimize things content-wise.

Anyways, SparkPlugged is back and better than ever. My LJ is for personal matters (such as this) and SP is for other cool things. Wish me luck and have a look:


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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY & busy times [02 Oct 2006|01:01am]
[ mood | Happy & Sentimental ]

Busy times are fun! haha...not so much. >_> I've been quite busy with exams, papers, classes, etc, etc. I hate to sound like I'm complaining, don't worry I'm not. I just hope my busy efforts will pay off in the way of good grades. :)

On a happier, MUCH, MUCH HAPPIER note...October 1st marked the 1-year anniversary for Teruyo and me. I am amazed and happy! It is such a GREAT feeling to know that I've known Teruyo for over a year...that we've shared beautiful moments together for 1 whole year. This past year has been tough in places but I can surely say that this past year has been the best year ever for me by grace of Teruyo. THANKS TERUYO & HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.

Being apart is difficult but looking forward to the future is totally worth it! ^_^

Happy 1-year Anniversary!

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Avatar DVDs, sketches, and a busy week [20 Sep 2006|11:08pm]
[ mood | creative ]

I haven't posted here in over a week. Why? I've been quite busy. Everytime I consider a good time to write an entry here, it's late night and I decide to go to bed instead. Oh well. Not much has happened in the past week except for me being very busy...I'll just sum up last week like that. ~_~

After nearly a year's hiatus, I've officially decided to re-take-up drawing. AP Art class my senior year of high school officially burned me out on the whole process. I've finally recovered and am happy to know that I haven't lost my skill. I 2-days ago and yesterday I sketched some drawings:


Yesterday, I bought 'The Complete Book 1 Collection' of the show, Avatar: The Last Airbender. I love this show! Elemental powers set in a Asian-esque world, I love it. The show is very deep and involving and it has since consumed a lot of my thoughts.


In other fun happenings:

Recreation: On Sunday night, 2 neigbors, Andrew, Michael, and I watched Kill Bill on the big screen TV in the Hill Hall Lobby. Today we took my PS2 down there and had ourselves a bit of a Soul Calibur 3 tournament.

Academics: I have 3 tests on Friday. OUCH!...Political Science, Physical Geography, and Intro to Archaeology. I'm not too worried about the Political Science one but the other two may be a bit tough.

Other: All this week, some Tibetan Buddhist Monks are here at the university. Most of the week, they've been working on Mandala Sand Paintings...WOW! It takes 3-5 days to complete a Mandala and then they dismantle the sand and distribute it as healing/blessing. It's an incredible work of art. On Friday night they will perform chants and ceremonies.

Internet: I posted my latest piece for JaME...a 'short and sweet' review of Art-School's Missing.
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5 years ago... [11 Sep 2006|01:07am]
[ mood | reflexive/sad ]

Today marks the 5-year anniversary of the most horrible tragedy to happen on American soil, September 11th. Since it happened (I was a freshman in high-school, I remember that day all too well) I've tried to distance myself from the event because it's so sad, so uncomprehendable.

My friend, Da Hye showed me a music video by Korean R&B singer Jo Sung Mo. It's titled "If You were Mine". The video tells the events of September, 11th 2001 through a tragic love story. I'll let you watch it for yourself but it is truly the saddest and just about the most touching 6-minute music video I've ever seen. Nothing has ever made me nearly cry so quicky. ;_; Since the video is about specific people, it really humanizes the tragedy.

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ウィークエンド、ウィークエンド! [10 Sep 2006|02:09pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

This has been an eventful weekend to say the least...I'll summarize the events quickly and briefly. Ready? GO!


~ I went to the weekly International Coffee Hour...I met lots of International students and I can't wait to go back next week!
~ At 9pm, I went to see the comedy duo Hard 'n Phirm. They were hilirious: stand-up + songs about dinosaurs and Abraham Lincoln telling people to 'put your lips around my balls and suck'. haha I'm sorry :P


~ Slept in
~ At night, I went to play laser tag in the Student Union. It was pretty fun eventhough we had to wait 1-hour in line. X_x;;

~ Went to Taco Bell
~ Soccer Practice...I think I'm joining Intramural Soccer with some buddies of mine...we have practice today @ 4pm. I'll go and suck but at least I'll have fun!
~ edit: I went to soccer practice and it was fun. I should get cleats and shinguards now :P. My team seems really good...it's pretty much an "international team" so that explains why they're all so good. FIRST GAME: Tuesday evening. o_O

Yeah, this was a pretty fun weekend.

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The Mass Missile rocks and so do you! [06 Sep 2006|09:47pm]
[ mood | very happy ]

I recently downloaded The Mass Missile's new album, "Moyori no Yume" (ザ・マスミサイル - 「最寄りの夢」). I LOVE IT! For quite some time now, The Mass Missile have been one of my TOP 10 favorite Japanese bands. With this release, they're now secured within my ELITE TOP 5.

"Moyori no Yume" is a great album. While it's not as instrumentally unique as their previous "Ningen de Yokatta", it's melodic gold in my opinion. My favorite tracks on the release include "Ima", "Moyori no Yume", and "Tegami". The Mass Missile stays consistent throughout this album. The distinguishable vocal melodies, organ, piano, and harmonica blend well together to maintain that trademark Mass Missile energetic folky/blues-influenced rock. I actually don't know how to classify it, I LOVE IT!

Here is the PV for their single "Ima". The cinematography is cool and the song ROCKS!

I like the harmonies created when the whole band sings and how they're trapped inside Mac screens. =P

Also, it's evident that I have a new icon...I give you Peco (Yousuke Kubozuka) from the movie Ping Pong.

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R.I.P Mate [05 Sep 2006|08:30pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I, like everyone else have known of Steve Irwin's passing for a couple days now. I didn't feel any need to write about it until now though.

R.I.P. Steve Irwin
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FUN AND MORE FUN [03 Sep 2006|02:19pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

This 3-day weekend is going good so far...yesterday was the football game and today is funday I guess.


The football game. Wyoming ended up beating Utah State 38-7! ^_^ I left at halftime though since it was a very hot day and for some dumb reason, I forgot my sunglasses. hehe. When I left at halftime, WYO was up 10-7, so obviously the 2nd half went good for us.

In other football news...I was so HAPPY yesterday. Montana State (Division 1-AA) beat the University of Colorado (Division 1-A). This is a HUGE upset and I'm incredibly HAPPY! Naturally, I like MSU and for many reasons, loath CU when it comes to sports. It's even better since when a Denver news channel interviewed a star CU player, he didn't even know who they were playing or who Montana State was...! ^_^ (Please don't think that I'm a big football fan =P)


Anyways, last night I traded DVDs with one of my neighbors. I gave him Battle Royale and he game me ARMY OF DARKNESS. ARMY OF DARKNESS is the 1992 sequel to cult-hit EVIL DEAD. While watching late last night, I was thinking "Why didn't I see this movie 10 years ago...I love it!". It's a great action/horror/comedy, very funny.

Music Rambling

I recently got my hands on Japanese hip-hop trio Soul'd Out's latest release "Remixies & Outside". It's a nice remix CD taking tracks mostly from their "Alive" LP. I'm most excited by thier cover of the famous song "La La La Love Song". I love Toshinobu Kubota's version (I'm not sure if that's the original)! Toshinobu Kubota is a GREAT R&B legend. Speaking of J-R&B, my new theme is Hirai Ken jumping over a rainbow ("Bye My Melody" single cover image).

Good Luck Teruyo

Soon is Teruyo's final exam! CONGRATULATIONS & GOOD LUCK! The funny thing is is that I've just started school again and after this exam, she'll be on her 'summer break' equivilent. Yeah, she worked HARD and took exams ALL summer but now she gets a break...LUCKY! It's very well-deserved! ^_^
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[01 Sep 2006|10:11pm]
[ mood | enthusiastic ]

So, it's Friday night and I've since concluded my 1st academic week at college. This Labor Day weekend results in a 3-day weekend for all of us. Tomorrow I will probably go to the University of Wyoming's home football opener against Utah State (o.O). I can see the large football stadium from my dorm room...3 football fields away maybe.

My classes have gone well thus far. After a mid-week jumble of adding/dropping, I'm set. I now have Intro to Mass Media...yay. My professors all seem very good. I'm satisfied and feel like many of them are very provocative and well-rounded.

Today, in my Introduction to Archaeology I discovered that my professor attended Montana State University. WOW! i learnt this when he was lecturing on culture and talked about the variations in modern America. He asked something like if "Griz Country" meant anything to anyone. I raised my hand and replied "yes" since I attended Montana State, whose biggest rivals are University of Montana Grizzlies. Being a Montana State alumn, he quickly expressed his displeasure for the Grizzlies and explained the Montana in-state rivalry.

Now, onto a completly unrelated topic...RUSSIAN HIP-HOP.

I purchased the soundtrack to the AMAZING Russian movie, Day Watch online. After listening to it I researched a featured artist on the OST, a Belarusian rapper named Seryoga (Серёга). I then quickly got my hands on his cd! I love it! Apparently not only does he write his own lyrics but he writes all the accompanying music. His music finds itself somewhere between modern hip-hop and traditional Russian folk. GREATNESS IMO!

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WOW! First Day [28 Aug 2006|09:48pm]
[ mood | 元気 ]

Well, Monday August 28th was my first day of classes here at my new University. It was a good day. Seemingly good classes combined with some people that I've met really make for an appealing time here. I must say, I'm excited, optimistic, and happy. (^_^ <--see?)

I had 2 classes today...CORE classes: Introduction to Physical Geography & Introduction to Archeology. While both aren't exactly my 'things', they're appealing subjects. The course structures are cool too. Both classes have finals that are set-up well. One is not cumulative and the other works as an optional grade-booster...COOL by my standards!

I've been here not much more than a weekend+ and I've already met some cool people. Most of them reside on my floor. I've met some cool guys. Among them, 2 guys who've served in the Army, 1 who actually went to Afghanistan, I met a guy whose in lawschool, and some others. I've also met some cool girls. I met an exchange student from Denmark and a Korean girl whose on exchange from a Japanese University in Fukuoka. Her name is Min, we traded some music today. I'm excited to have a bunch of songs by Korean R&B singer Wheesung (휘성)...I like Wheesung. I found out about him because m-flo did a song with him, "I'm da 1".

So ya, ALL IS FANTASTIQUE! I love talking with Teruyo everyday (and night it seems ^_^). As her exams wind-down, our future seems more certain and that makes he so happy! 元気ですよ。

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I am here. Where are you? [26 Aug 2006|08:53pm]
[ mood | nervous ]


Well, I'm now here at college, the University of Wyoming. I'm pretty well settled into my room thanks to much help from my parents. I still need to tidy up a bit though =P. I'm excited to be here but still a bit nervous...I know that'll subside once classes start on Monday. I miss the familarity of my previous college and my friends there but I know that this year will be just as good, AND much better academically.

I really wanna do good in school. I tell myself this not just for the current enjoyment of my experience but also for my future life. I know that success now will lead to success in the future and the fulfillment of my goals. I'm always optimistic so thinking like this is no problem =).

I miss my family, friends, and Teruyo very much. With my success in college, missing the people I care about will not go away but it will be turned into a much more positive energy once I can be satisfied with my current situation.


My dorm room. My dorm room is nice...it's bigger than my last room in Montana AND it's still a single room (just me ^_^). This year, I have my new HP PC and I also brought my Casio Keyboard among other things. I didn't bring as much junk but am still a bit suprised at how much stuff I have (o_O). My room was clean last year but hopefully, It'll be even cleaner this year...I will make sure of this. Expect pictures (a panorama possibly) as soon as I tidy things up and place items to perfection. I also plan on taking photos of my dorm hall, the WYO campus, and Laramie. Classes start Monday and tomorrow (Sunday) will be my primary day of preperation.

Ultimately I'm excited. This is a new beginning for me here at this university.

Now I know the feeling of nervousness and anxiety that Teruyo has been facing with her exams. I've always entirely respected her but now even more so. WOW! I really appreciate the support from my family, friends, and her! THANKS ALL!

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[22 Aug 2006|06:46pm]
[ mood | ready ]

I will be gone for a few days as I depart on my back-to-college expedition. I'm excited and I hope I have everything packed xD. I will make the best out of everything, I'm sure of that. When I started college last year I didn't have as much confidence as I do now. My newfound confidence is especially by grace of Teruyo.

Tomorrow will be a long drive, roughly 10 hours to MT, and the about 7 when I return south and head to WY the next day. I will wake up early in an effort that we'll beat Denver's morning rush hour traffic.

This trip will be fun though, I just downloaded all of m-flo's 2005 Beat Space Nine Tour LIVE AT BUDOKAN performance! Each song is a seperate file but put 'em in the right playlist and in-order and it's just like watching the DVD ^_^!  I plan to watch it on my laptop. Anyone that knows me knows that I like m-flo and they make me especially happy (hence to new theme =P).

Anyways, I'm off. Expect a new entry as soon as I get my PC re-hooked up and settle in a bit.


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二の日本語の日記 [22 Aug 2006|01:24am]
[ mood | intimidated ]


今日、マイックと私び映画を見た。 映画は「恋の門」。それは奇怪です。でも松田龍平が好きです(グッドアクター)。「恋の門」はオタクのラブストーリー。(^。^) 一人物は漫画家。。。ニヤニヤ。

私は多々の音楽を得た: ミスチル、ダッコ,SOUL’d OUT,人格ラヂオ、ETC。。今日、マイックは私にDVDを与えだ。それはDVDのクルの音楽ですよ。



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